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Strange occurrences have been happening at Gensokyo, with strange robots in Kappa Valley, a strange machine found beneath the Scarlet Devil Mansion, and a sudden increase in Wriggle Nightbug's power; Reimu and Marisa are off to figure out what's going on...As a mysterious 9-sided artifact opens to the door to another realm.

The first Touhou Doujin with a plot based off of "King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard".


  • A Plot based off of the music of "King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard"!
  • The first game since the Legend of ZUN series to have Gamejolt Trophies!
  • A Day and Night Cycle!
  • Three different Hidden Machines to aid you on your journey!
  • Three different world map areas: from the plains and hills of Gensokyo to the depths of Former Hell and the mysterious Lagar realm!
  • NG Infinity and postgame unlockables ensure for more replay value!
  • Featuring an OST that has music from the King Gizzard album "Polygondwanaland"!
  • 45 different sidequests!
  • 42 Gamejolt trophies to collect!
  • Featuring many different Touhou girls from "Embodiment of a Scarlet Devil" all the way to "Wily Beast and Weakest Creature"

Play today as you control Reimu and answer the door, Nonagon Infinity Open the Door...


oriental-queen-and-infintismal-nonagon-v1.0.zip 733 MB

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Included in the game download is a zip containing the game files and executable.

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