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Strange occurrences have been happening at Gensokyo, with strange robots in Kappa Valley, a strange machine found beneath the Scarlet Devil Mansion, and a sudden increase in Wriggle Nightbug's power; Reimu and Marisa are off to figure out what's going on...As a mysterious 9-sided artifact opens to the door to another realm.

The first Touhou Doujin with a plot based off of "King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard".


  • A Plot based off of the music of "King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard"!
  • The first game since the Legend of ZUN series to have Gamejolt Trophies!
  • A Day and Night Cycle!
  • Three different Hidden Machines to aid you on your journey!
  • Three different world map areas: from the plains and hills of Gensokyo to the depths of Former Hell and the mysterious Lagar realm!
  • NG Infinity and postgame unlockables ensure for more replay value!
  • Featuring an OST that has music from the King Gizzard album "Polygondwanaland"!
  • 45 different sidequests!
  • 42 Gamejolt trophies to collect!
  • Featuring many different Touhou girls from "Embodiment of a Scarlet Devil" all the way to "Wily Beast and Weakest Creature"

Play today as you control Reimu and answer the door, Nonagon Infinity Open the Door...

Install instructions

Included in the game download is a zip containing the game files and executable.


oriental-queen-and-infintismal-nonagon-v1.0.zip 733 MB

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